Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome 2009 !!!

I am sooooooo glad it is FINALLY 2009. The last few months of 2008 have been tough to get through and I was very very thankful to see the backside of '08!

GULP......has it really been 4 months since I last posted here??? So sorry to those of you that follow this blog regularly but I just lost my mojo to Blog OR Scrap.

However 2009 will see me being a more dedicated scrapper and blogger so rest assured you will once again be getting your "inspiration" fix here :)

Let's see..what have I been doing for the past 4 months:
* Helping Hubby deal with my BIL's death in was truly tragic and we were devastated.

* Working like crazy launching a new HR application at my became much more complicated and time consuming than I had anticipated so I spent many a day and night working through to get it launched by year end. Thank goodness that is over !

* Surviving Hurricane IKE in mid- September....12 days without power can really test a girl's resolve to blog or scrap or be civil ...LOL. We are fine, house is fine , just a huge inconvenience.

* Celebrating my 49th birthday mid-hurricane power outage with grilled food and s'mores in the backyard with family and friends.

* Planning, postponing due to Ike and re-planning a WAKE for my BIL...we ended up with about 75 people coming to a celebration of Robert's life was a fitting tribute to Robert and helped ease his lost for many of his friends and our family.

* Decided to make a BIG personal lifestyle change in October...entered a weight maintenance program through Methodist Hospital system and have already lost 35 lbs !!! Woooohoooooo. I am about halfway to reaching my goal.

* Completed a home project to re-assign room functions in my house which included shifting lots of furniture from room to room. We now have a room for use as a dedicated library for hubby AND I have a new HUGE scrap area with room for up to 5 of my nearest and dearest to scrap with me PLUS have room for my scrap stash (promise to post pics later).

* Helped my dear friend launch her new graphic arts business by hosting an open house to introduce her new business to new clients. So fun...turned out great.

* Packed up and sold my BIL's house. Lots of work but we finally can put that aspect of his passing behind us.

* Took the entire family to Renissance Festival the Friday after Thanksgiving and have a lot of fun hanging out together, eating yummy food, seeing some shows and going on some rides.

* Planning and hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas and Birthday activities for my family and friends. All the decorating, shopping, meal preparations and gift wrapping seemed to be nearly endless activities for November and December. I am sure you can all relate to that!

* Planned and hosted our company Holiday Party at the #1 Seafood Restaurant voted by Bon Appetit ...REEF. Food was fabulous, employees had a marvelous time and the staff was wonderful. Could not have turned out better :) YIPEEE !!!

* Attended a broadway production of White Christmas with my dear friend, Anne. It was a birthday gift to me I had waited months to do and I was not disappointed. The music and costumes were spectacular AND at the end of the night they made it SNOW (ok it was bubbles) down on the audience....what a fun surprise for all of us who attended !

* Enjoyed a 4 hour snow here in Mid-December which only happens about every 20 years was so beautiful but I don't know how all of you in winter wonderful deal with all that cold for weeks on end.

* Helped my DGD celebrate her 6th birthday...hard to believe our little princess is growing up !

* Attended the Rice Owls Texas Bowl game...Enjoyed a tailgate party with dear friends before hand and finished the game off with a spectacular fireworks show....leave it up to to us in TEXAS to combine FOOTBALL and FIREWORKS !!

* Learned how to download music to my MUCH FUN !! And so easy too!

* Instituted "Jammie Time" at our house and watched a zillion movies over the past four weeks.

* Had girlfriends over for a "scrap day" at my house. FINISHED BG Calendar AND a Mini album about a trip we took in 2008 to Irish Festival in Dallas.

That should just about catch you up with me for the past 4 months.

Here are a few pics of some of these events. More pics to follow in the next posts.

Some Christmas special Santa Treasures.

Swinging on the BIG SWING at Renaissance Festival !

SNOW falling in HOUSTON. See it....on our BBQ Grill Cover!

Friends gathered at BIL's WAKE...

DH and I hosting the Viking Send Off at BIL's Wake

Happy New Year Everyone !!

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Sydney said...

Dear Energizer Bunny,

That's quite a list! And it's only 4 months worth. You can juggle so much and never seem stressed. I want your secrets AND to know what vitamins you're on, lol!

COngratulations on 35 lbs! It totally rocks to have such a great kick off to a new year. Love all the pictures and am looking forward to more. If only people could see the total collection of Santas as I did when I visited the other day!!!!!!!!!! A delight for Christmas nuts like me.


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