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Welcome to My Craft Studio

Like many crafters, I am always curious to see the craft spaces of other crafters.  I also like to come up with creative ways to store all my crafty supplies. On this page I will share pictures of my crafty space and also ideas of how I store my supplies.  Enjoy !

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(and no, I don't always wear a crown but my hubby
wouldn't take the picture of me without it on) 


I created a Stamp Center where you can find
all my stamps, inks, acrylic blocks, paints, mists, etc.
My hubby enlarged the shelf to give me more
room to stand and do my stamping.  I always keep a
craft mat and a stash of paper towels near by too so
I am ready to create as the whim takes me.

I store all my acrylic stamps in CD cases, labeled with manufacturer name
and name or theme of the stamps inside.  Works perfect for me!
The CD holders are from Container Store and the CD cases I bought
at office supply stores or recylced old ones I had from music cds.
Tip: Regular CD cases, not slim ones work.
Pop out the center insert in the case that would have held the CD.
I store my Tim Holtz and Quick Quotes Chalk inks
right above my acrylic stamp storage. For now
they are stored in photo storage boxes but hubby
is making me some little shelves to put there soon.

I bought this awesome 3 tiered rotating metal
tray from Harbor Freight. I store my mists, paint daubers,
alcohol inks, distress ink holders, stamp cleaning supplies,
paint brushes, water misters, etc.
I keep all my other wet supplies on
the shelf next to the stamping center for easy access.
My Cats Eye Inks are stored in a
Plano storage box with dividers.
I store all my Ranger Stickles and Perfect Pearls and
Liquid Pearls in a large Plano case with dividers from Archivers.
I think you can also get them from Academy in the
tackle box section. I think you can also order online.
Tip: I flip them upside down on the shelf to keep the
liquids in the nozzle so they don't dry out as easy.


I purchased a make up travel case from Target.
I just love the Pink with white polka dots!
The case is the perfect size to fit the Spectrum Noir and
Copic Alcohol markers standing up. I can get
96 markers in just one case now ! 
The Spectrum Noir Markers come in a package
that includes the color chart so I cut it out and put
on the inside of the case lid for reference.
To keep the markers from sliding around too much,
I used chipboard to make dividers on the inside of the case.
I can fit 6 markers in each section.

My patterned paper is stored in baskets on the bottom shelf
in Generations Craft Keepers that I buy at Michaels.
They are sorted by manufacturer or theme.
On the top shelf I have baskets that hold projects I have started and need to finish,
OR project kits I have put together and ready for me to grab and scrap.
My cardstock is sorted by size, specialty type, and color
in the Cropper Hopper vertical storage containers but with a twist.
I flip the container on it's side so it is open facing out so I can
 easily pull out a few sheets that I want and not have to
lift the entire container out to do so.

I keep all my small embellishments on this
wood shelving unit I painted ages ago.
I have things sorted by brads, fabric brads, eyelets,
snaps, acrylic pieces, buttons, jeweled pins,'charms, etc.
Underneath the shelf, I have hung up my
Prima Flowers sorted by color in plastic bags and
hung on those 3M removeable hooks.

My ribbon is stored hanging from a dowel under a shelf.
I used small and medium binder rings. Ribbons are sorted
by color family or trim type and hung on the rings with safety pins. 
 I love this...I can easily snip off a piece for a project
OR take off a set of ribbons by unhooking the ring and
move over to my craft table to make my selection.  
TIP: I hung a pair of scissors on the end of dowel
for quick snipping of my choice.

My Cricut Cartridges are sorted and stored in these
large Snapware Cases I buy at JoAnns Fabric Stores.
The cartridge handbooks are stored in the top,
sorted in alphabet order or speciality.
The actual cartridges are stored in the
bottom half and sorted in alphabet order.
I used small storage trays I bought at the Dollar Store,
some left over plastic needlepoint canvas to
create a few dividers so the carts don't tilt over.



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