Sunday, October 25, 2009

Starting to get a little SPOOKY around here !

Halloween week is such a frenzy of activity....with all the decorating, costume making, trick or treat candy decisions to make plus the school and church carnivals going on.

One of our favorite SPOOKS dropped by earlier this week to give us a FRIGHT!

Can you guess what her costume is...... A Skeleton Bride ! Oooooooo...Soooooooo Scary!!!!!

We had a lot of fun shopping for just the right things to make her costume unique....the half skeleton mask, the black rose bouquet and the glowing skeleton necklace added just the right touch of gruesomeness to make Bianca thrilled with her costume.

I had a lot of fun designing and creating a new tablescape for the entry hall. I was inspired by something I saw on my Creative Escape trip .... decorating empty spools with loads of fun items. The transformation of a wooden spools, a tulle roll and a thread spool was eeiry...and so much fun to do ! I even added one of the vintage Halloween postcards on an easel to complete the look. Love how this turned out in such a short time.
Hope your Halloween week is full of fun and inspiration too !

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's a Banner Day !

I love it when I get inspired by things I see when I travel. Don't you ?

While I was at CE in August, I went to some fabulous shops... a favorite was Melrose Vintage. A wonderful eclectic mix of antiques, shabby chic decor and amazing scrapbook products and projects. One of the things I just fell in love with was an awesome Halloween Banner. It was an upcoming class they would be teaching but alas, I wouldn't be in Arizona to attend.

So I purchased as many products they had on hand and took a few photos to inspire me. This past weekend I was able to spend a little time creating my very own banner with loads of Halloween products I have been collecting over the years.

I need to make a few more tweaks to it but I couldn't wait to post if for you all to see. Let me know what you think about it so far. If this doesn't inspire you to create some Halloween decor of your own, I don't know what will :) I wish you could really see the awesome glittery paper and embellishments but the photos just don't do it justice!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fav Fall Goodie Time !

The air is crisp and cool, finally! The fall festivals are at the churches and schools everywhere around me. I can not resist the pull to stop and just take a quick turn through to see if they have my favorite treat.....KETTLEKORN !!

This weekend I was able to score some fresh made, sweet and salty, uber delicious treat. I start craving this as soon as the weather cools off in October. Brings back fond memories of my childhood. Over the past few years I have added to my treat some Brach's Autum Mix...candy corn and candy popcorn ! YUMMY !!!!

What is your favorite Fall treat ?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall is Here.....

Well at least on the calendar anyway! Happy October everyone!

It is muggy and warm here but a cool front is headed our way so tomorrow morning I am hoping to step out into some cooler weather when I go for my bike ride :)

I have always loved the month of October! Cooler weather is always welcome here after our hot, hot summers but I really LOVE:
the fall colors everywhere
Festivals and Church Bizarres
the crispness of the air
sitting outside again
enjoying a fire and making s'mores
family movie nights outside
college football games
Halloween !
I have started decorating the house and have more to do this weekend. Will hopefully get some good pics to post later this weekend so check back. I have made a Fall Banner inspired by something I saw on my CE trip. It is "U-DORD-IBLE" as my granddaughter would say :)

This weekend I hope to get my Halloween Banner completed .... it has vintage Halloween items on it and I am so excited about adding it to my other Halloween Decor.

I will leave you with a few pics of some past fall memories....we are ready to make more this fall memories this year :)

What do you LOVE about Fall ?
Post a comment and let me know.


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