Sunday, October 25, 2009

Starting to get a little SPOOKY around here !

Halloween week is such a frenzy of activity....with all the decorating, costume making, trick or treat candy decisions to make plus the school and church carnivals going on.

One of our favorite SPOOKS dropped by earlier this week to give us a FRIGHT!

Can you guess what her costume is...... A Skeleton Bride ! Oooooooo...Soooooooo Scary!!!!!

We had a lot of fun shopping for just the right things to make her costume unique....the half skeleton mask, the black rose bouquet and the glowing skeleton necklace added just the right touch of gruesomeness to make Bianca thrilled with her costume.

I had a lot of fun designing and creating a new tablescape for the entry hall. I was inspired by something I saw on my Creative Escape trip .... decorating empty spools with loads of fun items. The transformation of a wooden spools, a tulle roll and a thread spool was eeiry...and so much fun to do ! I even added one of the vintage Halloween postcards on an easel to complete the look. Love how this turned out in such a short time.
Hope your Halloween week is full of fun and inspiration too !


Connie said...

Debbie, love the cute...

rachaelwood said...

so cute that costume! My dd wanted to be a warewolf but decided on a zebra instead! Table is really cute too!


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