Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally....good bye Christmas 2008!

Good news - My cold is under control, my eye is a normal color again and I finally feel more like my self again. Thank goodness!

After getting some much needed rest the past couple of days, today I tackled putting up all my holiday decorations. Yes, I am that far behind this year already. Oh well, it just means I got to enjoy my Santa collection a few more days. I still BELIEVE in SANTA, don't you :)

Christmas never seems to last long enough...all those weeks of planning and shopping and looking forward to enjoying the holiday with family and friends. Then it is a whirl of events, eating goodies, gift openings with paper flying, hugs hello and goodbye and whoooooshhhhhhh...the holidays are gone!

I wish we could just stop and enjoy the holidays a little more than we seem to every year, don't you? As a final swansong to Christmas 2008, I wanted to post a few pics of my favorite holiday decor since I never got around to that this year.

I cross stitched this little pillow a few years ago...

This 1950's Santa is my prized Santa possession...but
don't tell all my other Santa's that! LOL

This year I did an ALL Snowman dining room table decor...
it was a nice change of pace.

Just a few more in my Santa Collection...there are more actually
scattered all over my house.

P.S. We don't have a fireplace in this house so
I got creative and hung the stockings from
the Santa bookshelf instead...Santa was still
able to locate it and fill them up :)

Our fresh Christmas Tree this year was very fragrant for a long time.
It made coming home each day such a nice surprise when you
opened the front door. Oh, and guess tree is also ALL SANTAS....
And Yes, I do realize I have a slight "santa addiction" but with his twinkling eyes and jolly laugh, who could resist him ! Have a wonderful week. I will post some scrapbook projects I finished last week so stay tuned.

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Sydney said...

Hello lday-

Glad to see you are up and about. We just took everything down Saturday and SUnday DH drove them back to storage. Just have needles to sweep up -- and then what's our excuse for the disarray in the rest of the house?

I decided to keep one wreathe that still gives you a whiff of pine as we walk in the door. Especially while it's cold in Houston, I can feel justified. It's like getting rid of spring flowers when spring goes on for a few months. That's my rationale.

I'm glad to have seen these Santas up close. It really is quite spectacular, as was the tree with all the Santas on it. Another wonderful, artful thing you do for your family. (and yourself!)


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