Monday, April 23, 2012

Perfect Weekend !

This past weekend my dear hubby rode his bike from Houston to Austin to raise money for MS.  He did a great job raising over $1,500 and had a wonderful time on the ride. It was bit windy the first day
but weather was nice over all. I always get to drop him off that the starting line in Houston at 6 am !!
Here he is looking at me right before crossing the finish line in Austin.

And then after he got back to the party tent area.

So you may be wondering what I was up to this weekend, while he was riding his bike 150 plus miles.
hmmm, let's see....
Standing in a really long line in Lexington, TX on a gorgeous Saturday morning
To get some of the best bbq in the state according to
Texas Monthly Magazine.  (sorry about the lack of food
on my plate, it smelled so good I wolfed it down
before I remembered to take a picture.  LOL)

And next,
I traveled on to Austin and checked into a hotel
(and yes, the bed was as comfy as it looked)
And later on Saturday, I met up with
some friends to scrapbook and
of course, have a Margarita , TEXAS sized !

And on Sunday, I went to the MS150 race and cheered by hubby
across the finish line, enjoyed some food and then
drove a very tired man back to Houston.

Perfect weather, perfect company = Perfect Weekend !

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