Thursday, April 12, 2012

My "Cute" New Marker Storage

I recently purchased several sets of the Spectrum Noir Markers by Crafters Companion at Consumer Crafts.  These alcohol ink makers are for stamped image coloring and are comparable to the popular Copic Markers but for about half the price !  While I love the few Copics I own, I certainly appreciate a quality product at a better price, don't you ?

The markers showed up today and while I was excited to use them, I needed to figure out how I was going to store them.  Since I bought 8 color sets of 6 markers each, that is quite a few markers to store.  They do sell a case specifically for the Spectrum Noir Markers, however, it only holds 36 markers and I have more than that and plan to get even more sets to complete my collection so I needed bigger storage in one case.

As I looked at the large pile of markers waiting for a home, I had a brain storm of an idea !  Off to Target I went, hoping my idea would work....and here is what I found to use.

It is a cosmetic travel bag from Contents by Allegro.
It was only $14.99.  And it certainly didn't
hurt that is was hot pink and white polka dots :)
They also had it in all teal or all black.
It even has a handle...Can you say perfect!
Next step was to use some thin chipboard and make
dividers for the inside.  I cut the chipboard 8 1/2" by 4"
to make (8) horizontal pieces, then (1) piece 5 3/4" X 4 1/4"
for the cross piece down the center.  I then cut the
8 1/2" piece at 4 1/4" down the center from the bottom up 
stopping about 1/4" from the top.  Then  slid
the center piece into the 8 long pieces to form the grid.
The dividers fit 6 markers in each section perfectly.
There is enough room to hold 96 of the Spectrum markers.
I have left room for the other color sets that I am missing but
hope to soon acquire to fill in my collection.
As you can see in the picture, I also put my few Copic
Markers in there too...I could get 8 Copics in each section. 
I even added one of the color charts of all the markers
that is part of their packaging to the inside top of the case
for ready reference. I used double sided tape to hold it in place.
And the color set packaging has so much great information
with each marker color code on it,
I decided to use that to create a reference set of tags.
I  cut off part of the package, hole punched it and put it on a binder ring.

I love my new marker storage and the fact
there is plenty of room to grow my marker collection.
And of course, the cute pink polka dot case makes me happy too ! 


Creative Mine by Maria said...

I did a similar thing but with an insulated lunch bag from Target $2.50 bins at the entrance. I bought the 24 sets so I'm using their original plastic container as the dividers.

mea5798 said...

you are very clever ! and what a great idea to keep the color chart with the pens!! thank you for sharing!


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