Saturday, October 15, 2011

Most Wonderful New Craft Item Ever !

Well, maybe it isn't exactly the most wonderful new craft item ever...but it comes pretty close to me!

I went to an artist retreat a couple of weekends ago that had all the crafters up to our elbows in spray mist, paint, ink and all kinds of adhesives.  To say it was a "bit messy" is an under statement but what fun we had !

Well once we were done, we went to wash up and I discovered this wonderful item in the washroom.
With just a little liquid soap and some water, this Craft Scrubbie by Ranger got off all the mists, inks, paint, and even adhesive off my hands in a matter of minutes.  I was so excited !  Usually I walk around for a few days with some inks and adhesive on my hands until they wear off.  But no more.  If you haven't ever used one of these, I highly recommend you get one.  They were only $4.99 at Michael's craft store and I also saw them at Hobby Lobby too.  And with a coupon even cheaper. 

One of the ladies at the retreat said she often uses Windex and the Craft Scrubbie to get stubborn stains off her hands.  I might just try that next time if the liquid soap and Scrubbie don't work the first time. 

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