Monday, October 24, 2011

Fright Night Paper Bag Album

One of my all time favorite things to make are mini albums.  I made this Fright Night Paper Bag Mini Album to capture this years Halloween pictures.  I added a few twist to the normal paper bag album by making three different fold outs for more pictures to jazz it up a little and I have provided some directions for how I did that.  If you have never made a paper bag album there are tons of videos on You Tube to show you how.

Cover of album. I used the DCWV Midnight Magic Paper Pad.
Loads of fun glitterly and bold printed Halloween paper!

I wanted to have a closure for my mini album so I used
some twine and a couple of buttons. Using a mini hole punch I 
punched 2 holes in the cover and threaded the twine through that and the large button
and tied it on to create the front closure part.  The small button in the picture
is actually tied to a long piece of twine and tied to the back cover.  (see later picture) 

Inside page 1&2 and the mini pocket that is created with the "bottom" of the paper bags.
Inside page 3&4 and mini pocket
Special Fold Out #1 is adhered to page 4
To create the fold, I used a piece of 12X12 cardstock, 
cut in half to create a 6x12 piece  (save the other half for Fold #2)
I used MS Spider Web border punch and punched along both 12 inch sides.
Then I scored at 4 & 8 inches to create the folds. 
 Added a 1 in strip of pp to bottom of inside fold. 
I know have room for 3 more 4X6 photos and/or journaling.
Adhere the middle fold to the paper bag album page already covered in pp.
Fold up the bottom flap and let the top flap fold down over that.
Then I decorate the top piece of the fold with pp and some
embellishments for a finished look.
Special Fold Out # 2
This fold is created using the other half of the 6X12 section I cut for Fold Out #1
I placed it on an inside pocket tag I created by cutting a 12X12 piece of pp to 4.5 inches
by 12 inches and folding in half to create a front and back. I added a strip of pp
to the side of it to create a tab for my tag.  This is how I made all the Large Tags
I used in the pockets of the paper bag mini album.
I scored the 6X12 piece of cardstock at 4 inches,
then flipped it over and scored at 8 inches.
Thus creating an accordian fold.
Using the MS Spider Web Corner Punch,
I punched the corners of each 4X6 section of the fold out.
Only the top 4X6 section is adhered to the tag.
The rest folds up and ready to pull down to expose photo spaces.

Shows the accordian fold of the 6X12 piece after scoring & folding.

the bottom 4X6 flap up towards the middle flap and
here I added a journaling block.

I then decorated the cover with some pp and a 3d paper embellishment
from Me&MyBigIdeas. I added another of those twine tied
buttons for some added pizzaz.
Inside Pages 5&6 with small pocket.

Special Fold Out #3
is added to page 6 of the paper bag album
after pp has been added to the page

This fold takes (1) 12X12 sheet of cardstock, scored at 4&8 inches along top side,
then turned to score at 4&8 inches along left side.  This will create (9) 4X4 blocks scored
on the 12X12 page.  Cut out the 4 corner blocks.  You will now have a Plus Sign
looking piece with (3) 4X4 blocks horizontal and (3) 4X4 blocks vertical. 
Adhere middle 4x4 square to the center of your mini album page.

Fold the bottom 4X4 square up to the middle, then the left to the middle
Then Fold the right 4X4 square to the middle
And lastly fold the top 4X4 square down over the top of all the others.
Adhere pp to the top square and embellish.  Decorate each inside square as you like. 
Example of anothe Large Tag decorated for inside
paper bag album pocket (front side). I hung an
embellishment from twine so it dangled on the front
and back side of the tag.  I added a journaling
block to the front side.

Back side of the pocket above ready for more photos.
For the small pocket inside tags, I just cut double sided patterend paper and
added a 1" pp border for each of the small tags.
The back cover and closure

I hold punched 1 time on the back cover and tied
the long piece of string using about 3 good knots to hold it in place.
I added a little mini button to the loose end that will wrap around
to the front cover to secure the album.
I also added pp to the folded bag edge of the mini album
for a finished look. You can do this before or after you add your covers.

Hope you enjoyed my Fright Night Halloween Mini Album and feel inspired to create one of your own!

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