Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Product By PC...Yudu Cardshop

Have you heard about the new Provo Craft Product yet?

Bascially it's a mini Yudu with pre-made screens to make cards with Yudu ink or pigment ink. Kinda cool !

It says the retail value is $59.99. And includes the YuduCardShop base, 1 pre-printed Thank You screen,
1 bottle of ink, 1 dauber and 1 pigment ink pad and an adhesive mat.

Heads Up if you are interested.....there is going to be a special on HSN on January 20th for this Yudu CardShop but I haven't seen the bundle yet or pricing.

There are also other pre-printed screens available for purchase.  Here are few images I could find of these.

Check out demo if you want to learn more at

What do you all think of this?  I am kind of liking it and interested in seeing one up close and personal.

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