Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Well Decorate-A-Palooza at the O'Neal house has finally been completed...Thank Goodness ! After three days of decorating every room in the house, and putting up the lights outside, it is finally looking like Christmas at our house.  And with well over 500 Santas ... yes, I said 500...about 300 on the tree and a couple hundred around the house in every room it is quite the endeavor as I NEVER put things in the same place each year to change things up.

Now don't get me wrong...there are still a few holiday projects to finish and presents to wrap to put under the tree but all in all...we are looking pretty festive around here.

Here is the evidence of my handy work thus far....

Well, you get the picture...Santas everywhere!  I just love them !! 

I will post some pics of our ALL Santa Tree in a separate post later. It is a definite must see too with all the santa ornaments I have collected from our travels and been given by friends and family.  So special !

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