Monday, December 13, 2010

And now she is 8 !

Busy busy weekend at our house.  We celebrated Bianca's 8th Birthday!  We can hardly believe she is getting so grown up.  8 is a fun age...she is really into girlie fun stuff...stuffed animals, clothes, jewelry, flavored lip gloss, bath stuff, purses, boots, etc.  You know...all the fun stuff to shop for ! Her favorite colors right now (this changes every few weeks) are Teal and Pink.  What lovely colors they are on her too.

But her absolute OBSESSIVE PASSION right now is PANDAS.  She loves anything with a Panda on it.  So of course she received a Panda calendar, a Panda shirt, and a Panda DS game, a Panda Pillow Pet,  among a bunch of other things fun things too.  But she went absolutely crazy over this...

The homemade Panda cake I made for her.  It took baking three cakes and a ton of icing and about 3 hours to do this but it was so worth the look of joy on her face when she saw it at her birthday party.
Happy 8th Birthday Sweet Bianca...We love you and hope this is the best year ever for you !

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Leti (iluv2craft) said...

This cake is so cute! Looks like you put alot of luv into it :)


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