Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentines Card Tutorial

As I mentioned in my last post, I was INSPIRED by a product I just happened to notice at a local craft store and thought to use in an unusual way.  It isn't exactly scrap related.  But you could use it to give a scrap gift you create.  Can you guess what it might be?

It is a package of Treat Bags for Valentines Day.  They are clear cellophane with all kinds of Valentines/Love words printed on them. And at $1.99 for 20 of them, there were a steal! I fell in LOVE the minute I saw them and the wheels in my head started turning on what I could do with them. I immediately thought of all the cards I wanted to make for my Valentines.

Here is a little TUTUORIAL on how I used those bags to make a special Valentines Day Card.

1. Here is the set of Treat Bags                                    
2.  Take out 1 Treat Bag

3. Cut bag into a 3" strip                                              
4.  Here is the 3" strip
5. Unfold the 3" strip and cut off one end so it opens up.   6. Adhere the strip to your card base to fit the size card you are using.  Trim the excess off the sides.  Hint: I Glimmer Misted my card base first and let dry before adding my VD bag strip. After I added the strip to the card, I added a die cut border to the top. You could also use ribbon instead. 
1. Cut (2) 1 1/2 "circles and (2) 1" circles from another VD Treat Bag.  Next Cut (1) 1 1/2" circle and
(1) 1" circle from Pink Felt.  Slice a small hole with scissors or exacto knife in the center of each to put brad through. 2. Scrunch all the Treat Bag circles up into tight balls.  

3.  We will be working from top of flower to bottom to layer the flower.  Put brad through the (2) small VD bag circles.  4. Add the small pink felt circle next.
5.  Add the two larger VD bag circles next. 6. Finally, add the large pink felt circle to the back of the stacked circles.
7.  Close the brad on back of the circles. 8.Scrunch the circles with your fingers.
9.  Let go of the scrunched circles and see the flower base. 10.  Add whatever button or jewel you want to the center of the flower.  I recommend using Glossy Accents or Beacons 3in1 Glue to adhere the button/jewel onto the top of brad in the center of the flower.
Here is the final version of the card. I love it was easy to make and inexpensive too ! 
Hope you found this interesting and INSPIRING to try this technique on a card yourself.


Paula said...

really cute card, and what a great way to use those treat bags! Christmas, Easter, V day Halloween, OMG!

Sarah said...


Kim said...

Super cute!!!

cstoler said...

Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I love this card...the transparency is great! and the flower is the show stopper!

xoxo from your newest fan!


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