Saturday, February 20, 2010


All the lovely Valentine inspiration this month has my eye trained to catch anything red, white or pink. 

I want to share something PINK I saw the other day.....this looks like so much FUN! 

Is this not the cutest, PINK thing you have ever scene ?!!!!  I had Bianca with me that day and we just wanted to hop on board immediately and take off on a little PINK adventure !  Of course, we were having a bit of a conflict of who would be driving and which one of us was riding shot gun in the side car. I was tempted to give in and let a 7 year old drive so I could ride in the little side car...what a trip that would make!

I really wanted to hang around outside the store and see who was the proud owner of this adorable transportation but alas, as usual ,we were pressed for time and had to get home.

I hope who ever owns this PINK delight appreciates it as much as I did that day :)  It sure INSPIRED me that day. I wonder how my BMW would look in PINK instead of it's current racer green ?  hmmmmmmm.......


Tracy said...

That is cute.
I would be the driver. Whenever I see these I think of the old comedies where the sidecar detaches and goes in the opposite direction LOL.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a small scooter with a little car (cart?) attached to it.. Scooters are VERY popular in Japan and I always wanted one, but this is the cutest! Love the pink color!


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