Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Crafty Review Just 4 You !

Even though I have been making scrapbooks for a number of years, I had never really gotten into making cards with my scrapbook supplies. While I have admired those who use beautiful patterned paper to make their own cards and envelops, I was frustrated at the complicated templates and scoring products I had tried. Repeatedly over the years, I had abandoned my dream to join the card maker ranks until recently.

Low and behold while on a recent trip to a local craft store, I found a scoring system that didn’t look so awkward and promised to be easy to use. It was the Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board. I have loved all my other Martha Stewart Craft purchases so I was intrigued they had a scoring tool. Retail was only $19.99 USD but with my craft store coupon it was even less expensive so I decided to give it a try.

I joyously share this great find with you.

After reading the easy instructions, I was ready to make my first card and matching envelop. I chose to make a standard A2 card and envelop. The Scoring Board comes with everything you need except paper and adhesive to make a card base and envelop. Plus it has handy built in storage for the scoring tool in the tray on top and envelop template fits on the back of the base.

Crisp, clean lines are achieved due to the great scoring tool included. As you can see in the picture, the scoring tool (on left) is thinner than a traditional bone folder (on right) and fits in the scoring tracks perfectly. I love that the folds created are also thinner and not as bulky as those made by a traditional bone folder.
The large scoring base easily holds both small and large paper up to 12 X12.

You place the envelop guide in the upper left corner of the base. The guide lines are easy to read and after locating the appropriate measurement, it was simple to place the scoring tool in the right place and run down the length of my paper in one simple motion.
Once the envelop was scored, it was easy to follow the directions and snip the sides of the folds as directed. The scored lines were easy to fold and made a nice sharp edge all around the envelop.

Tada…I had made my first envelop ever and a card to match !
This was such an easy and fun tool to use, I immediately jumped into creating a few other projects that would benefit from using the scoring board.  I will post those another day. 

Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board
• Extremely easy to use right out of packaging
• Clever built in storage for scoring tool and envelop template, which are included
• Easy to read markings for scoring
• Crisp, clean, thin lines made with scoring tool
• Large base surface fits up to 12X12 paper and light weight to transport
• Easy to follow instructions for various size cards, envelops and gift boxes included
• Instructions are in English, Spanish and French

• The grooves were a little hard to clean out when I accidently got adhesive in them

I couldn’t be happier with the Martha Stewart Scoring Board. In fact, I think it is one of the best purchases I have made to expand my crafty projects. Don’t walk, run to get one for yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

What kind of projects do you make that could use a score board ?


thescrapmaster said...

Great tutorial and I love your blog design.


Ladybug said...

Firstly, what a cute blog. Became a follower. ;-)

Your MS scoreboard review was great. If you wanna see how I store mine, hop on over to my blog...

to find it: click on my label "scoring board".

Gail said...

I love your site. It is such like a learning site. Thanks for visiting my blog
Gail....I am a follower

hamptongal said...

Thanks for the info. I kept looking at this and debated on whether i needed it. When i got my 50% off co. I went to my M's and of course it was gone. That was the only one that they had. I will keep looking tho because I do want one.


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