Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas !

Well Christmas in the form of a Secret Santa Swap I was in on the Circle MB that is !

We have done this every year in the Circle...get matched up with another member, share a wish list with the host that sends to your secret santa pal.  We have to include a stocking of course, make 1 hand made item and do some shopping for the person and package it all up pretty to send. It is so fun doing this !!!

Well this year...I was lucky enough to be matched up with Eva aka ScrappyKats.
She is so talented and spoiled me rotten with all the things she did for me.

First off, Eva was super sneaky ! 
The return address said some where in PA but the
postage label said St Charles Missouri. Ha, ha !

And I don't know where she found this adorable and appropriate
NO PEEKING paper with Santas and Penguins on it but it was
perfect for me !  I collect Santas and Penguins too :)
Oh wow..look at all those goodies in there !
And the lovely stocking Eva handmade just for me was stuffed full of gifts !

Just look at the detail on that stocking...I was so impressed and
thankful Eva made it herself for me.
And this truly lovely easel card she made....
sorry the pic isn't that great but the card sure was !
And this package cracked me up...the note says
"My husband is responsible for this package. Enjoy"
I had no idea what could be inside, it was heavy and lumpy and
I just couldn't even guess what could be in there
but aren't those lollipops on the outside super cute !
Yes, that is 3 lbs...count them...3 lbs of my favorite snack ever...Haribo Gold Gummy Bears !!!.
In comparison on the right is the little puny 8 oz bag I hoard and treat myself too every blue moon !
Now I can have Gummi Bears whenever I want !! 
Eva, Please tell your DH thank you thank you thank you!
And inside the stocking were some of the items I asked for on my wish list...
Washi tape, cricut replacement blades and a refill for my Create A Sticker
Yipeee !!!!
But there was more in that cute No PEEKING PAPER I found the lovely Vintage Finds Collection and more washi tape by Teresa still my heart !!  I love this line so much :)
Now you would think this would be more than enough for anyone right??? It sure was for me...but then there was more the very generous Eva sent.
Yes, that is a brand new Cricut Pirates and Mermaids cartridge that I had been searching everywhere to get....thank you thank you thank you !! I will be sure to put this to good use very soon !
But no, that was not all ...can you belive that?  There were some more handmade items too!
This absolutely stunning handmade ornament !
It is so lovely.  And Eva better share how she made it too!
It is like one of those ships in a bottle did she get that
image to float in the center ?!?!  Inquiring minds want to know !
And last but not least was this incredibly super adorable little
hen she had sewn for me.  I just love love love her. 
She has got to be the cutest thing I have ever found
in a holiday stocking ! I am going to name her Eva and she will
have a place of honor in my craft studio so I will always remember
my wonderful Secret Santa Swap Partner, Eva...aka ScrappyKats !  

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