Friday, January 4, 2013

SIMPLIFY in 2013

Happy 2013 New Year to you all !  WOW it was a crazy December for our family between two birthdays, Christmas parties, Christmas dinners, Christmas light viewing,  family and friends visiting from out of town, an out of town wedding and an out of town funeral.  Sorry I just couldn't squeeze in blogging more.  I do have some projects to share and will be doing that over the next few days.

I set up some goals for 2013.  Have you done that yet?

One of my primary goals is to SIMPLIFY.  You know, focusing on getting rid of the clutter in my life..
  • Like not overloading myself with too many responsibilities so I can enjoy what I really want to spend my time doing and not feel burdened by those I don't enjoy. 
  • Like cleaning out my email box on a regular basis and limiting what I sign up to receive via email
  • Like limiting my impulse shopping so I only buy what I know I will use
  • Like not wasting food by buying and cooking more than hubby and I can eat each week
  • Like recyling, donating or selling items I no longer have a need for but others may get use out of it.
  • Like looking around my home to see where I can maximize my space and functionality of the space
The list goes on and on...but you get my point.  I want to be happier in my life with the choices I made everyday.

I have spent three hours cleaning out my email box...promising to never let it get so bad :)

I have spent my time on the past few days taking a hard look at all my crafting supplies...and my crafting studio to see where can I eliminate the clutter and simplify. I basically disassembled my room and am re-organizing it to be more efficient and reduce clutter so it does not block my creativity.

I made HUGE piles...DONATE, SELL, KEEP.   Happy to see I have a sizable pile to donate to a local charity that needs craft supplies for children with cancer and their families to use that I will drop off on Monday. 

Happy to have a pile of gently used items to sell to others who could get some use out of some items I no longer use or just had too much.

Happy to have decided I didn't need to keep so many Cricut Cartridges I will never use but just had to buy at the time they came out :)   So I have some gently used or never used Cricut Cartridges to sell on the Facebook Group Scrap Yard listed today.  In fact if you or someone you know is looking for a few cartridges to add to your library check out my listing at Debbie Cartridges for Sale.  Post a message in the thread with the cartridge you want and I will respond back.  Paypal only.

I know I have much more to do but it feels good to be making progress so far.  A day at a time, that is how I am going to meet my goal to SIMPLIFY in 2013 ! 

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Georgiana said...

Great goals for 2013. Good luck with your organization. Lucky agencies to get some donations from your group.

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