Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Turkey Anyone ?

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, many of us have Turkey on the brains.  Where to buy one, how big, how many days to defrost, how to prep it, how to cook it, how to carve it, what to do with all those leftovers? ???
Well I just have one more question for you.....Which Turkey to WEAR on Thanksgiving Day?

Turkey Prior to Cooking
Turkey After Cooking
All right, I will let you in a little secret...I bought these adorable Turkey hats at Target for only $2.50.  But shhhh....don't tell the family.  I can hardly wait to surprise the family on Thanksgiving Day.  I think I can wear one when I arrive (Turkey Prior to Cooking) and while we are eating switch hats  (Turkey after Cooking).  What do you think of that idea?!?!
Happy Pre-Turkey Day everyone....may your gobble contribute to a wonderful wobble afterwards !

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