Monday, October 22, 2012

Ride for the Roses in Austin

 This past weekend was the Livestrong "Ride for the Roses" bicylce ride in Austin Texas.  My very athletic husband did the 65 mile ride in about 4 hours through some tough hills and wind gusting up to 25 miles an hour. Yeah for you honey !  
It was all for a worthy cause as this event raises funds to help do cancer research and help people who are going through cancer treatment.  Hubby rides in honor of our family members who have had cancer and survived ... his mom, his dad, my dad and myself. But more importantly for those that have passed away from it...his granny and his only brother.  And of course, to also honor our numerous friends and their families that have been affected by cancer as well.  
One of the most touching tributes I saw this weekend are the wall honorariums they set up. Here riders and others can post their messages of support and in memory of cards for all to see. It's a huge stretch of these cards front and back of the display. Just humbling to see all the support for family and friends.
Hubby always writes out some cards for the family and puts them up here which I think is just great ! And this year I was along to capture a picture of him with some of the cards he wrote.

And since I attended the event for the first time this year, I was able to add a few personal messages for some of my own friends fighting and winning against breast cancer.  A dear high school friend going through treatment right now. And for some of my Circle Message Board friends who are  fighting cancer now as well or won their battle against breast cancer over the past few years.
I was talking to someone while standing in line and he said something that really struck home to me about cancer..."the majority of us know more people who have died of cancer or had cancer than those people who have died in car accidents".   WOW....unfortunately this is so true ! 
 Let's ALL keep on fighting and finding cures to prevent more loved ones from enduring these horrible diseases.

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