Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Circle Mania Fun !

Take Two...More Circle Mania Fun Pics for your viewing pleasure !
The calling cards were GORGEOUS !  So much thought and
love went in to each 3X3 creations.
Here are some of the awesome goodies people gave out.
Many contained chocolate or homemade candies.
Again the attention to detail was so thoughtful and
was much appreciated !
And one of our favorite Australian Circlet,
Narelle, brought us each these Australian goodies...
Cadbury Koala candy, a mini Tim Tam cookie (yummo)
and even a packet of Vegemite !  The little handbag
held a lip gloss too.  Thanks Narelle for sharing
your Australian heritage with us !
There were a TON of Door Prizes given out.
Here is the big bag of goodies I received.
I was overwhelmed with all the crafty things in this bag of goodies.
Even one of these items would have been a coveted prize.
Mama C and Barbara Stokes both one Cricut Mini's donated by
Provo Craft...lucky girls.  Hope they enjoy their new toys too!
Here are some of the Good Morning Thread Ladies
I chat with most days on that thread.  I love hearing what
everyone is up to during the day ! 
RockinRenee..at dinner the first night she was sitting
at a table singing "Don't Wanna Be All By Myself"..no one
was joining her table.  Poor baby.  Personally I think if
she would have stopped singing someone would have sat with her. Ha, Ha :)

As you can see, our table took "pitty" on her and asked her to sit with us ! \
(L to R):  Maria (Marcjo), Debbie (me), Donna (Donnagravel), Alex (Alex)
and finally Renee (RockinRenee)
Missie Todd...and her funny undies.
It says "My Husband thinks I am scrapbooking "
Ha, Ha...Missie was a table mate and had us rolling
on the floor laughing every night in to the wee hours
of the morning ! 

And who's that in the red Ariel wig? 
Why that's Crystal Kovack hamming it up
with the hotel Security guard.  It was so funny.
He came in every night to what we were all working on and
to snag some treats to eat too.  He took pics to show
his wife some of the projects we were working on.

Cassandra made us all these adorable page kits
to put together to celebrate Circle Mania
And the very talented Barbara Stewart
(who was a delight to meet IRL) made
everyone their own altered tag. 
Each one was so different and was
decorated front and back.
This is the front of the tag I received.
This is the back of tag I received.
Thank you Barbara for sharing your
lovely work with all of us !
And Renee was the lucky recipient of the
awesome canvas witch made the uber talented
Barbara Stewart.  All I can say it up close this
project is absolutely amazing in it's detail and depth.
AmyS was so fun.  And kind.  She picked a few of up
from the train station...and took us shopping on Saturday.
It was wonderful getting to spend time with her as she
helps me as an Administrator on the Cricut FANatics Blog
Renee teaching her Halloween Class on Saturday night.
There were 4 amazing projects...A banner, a scrapbook page,
a card and treat bag or lumunaria.

Here are some of Circlets putting together their banners.
I helped Nadia with the Ustream that we posted on the Circle MB.
Unfortunately it was the blind leading the blind and while we
could show it to you...we don't seem to have recorded it for
prosperity or later viewing.  Sorry gals.  We tried and will
do better next time for sure now that we know what we did wrong!
Missie Todd's CTMH Make N Take was to
make this stamped Halloween image. I then
used some TC Halloween Paper to create a
background and created a card ready to give !
Thanks Missie for the Make N Take...it was fun !
On the last day of Circle Mania, Paulette had this
Make N Take Project to create an adorable
muslin tote bag with Heat Set Vinyl.
She also gave us all a Circle Charm (which used to be pink
but her hubby spray painted them all purple so we had a different color
from the ones we had already received).  And she gave us all
this yummy Mania Treat Mix in a cute basket.
Paulette really out did herself at this Circle Mania....I can hardly wait for the next one !!!!
I also did a Trends Make N Take using Washi Tape and Twine to make a card. 
I will be posting the directions in another post so you can create it yourself at home
That's it for now....I need to go make room for all these wonderful goodies I received. 



Hrvatica said...

Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing.

Linda (Threadbear) said...

Thanks for sharing your photos -- looks like it was so much fun!!

Amy E said...

Wow...it looks like you guys had so much fun!! Thanks for sharing all your pics and experiences. I almost feel like I was there!!

Cindy@ Scrap-obsessed.blogspot.com said...

Super cute cards. I was really hoping I could go and now I see that I WAS there and didn't even know it. I'm in Cassandra's picture in her page kit. Yay!

scootingranny said...

The calling cards are super--they're cards and purses and boxes and treats! And what a great door prize! Besides those goodies, you got to spend time with some wonderfully talented, sharing and keeerrraaazzzy ladies!! I hope there's one next year and that maybe I'll be able to make that one!


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