Monday, February 20, 2012

Homemade Washi Tape - Woohoooo !

I am the Designer of the Day  at The Bug Bytes today.  I wanted to share something really fun with everyone today.  Washi tape is all the rage in the paper crafts world right now.  And while I LOVE it, I really don't like how expensive it is to have a big selection in my stash.  So I made some of my own !

It's pretty easy and I really enjoyed coming up with lots of different patterns and colors to use on my projects.

Here are the steps to make your own Washi Tape:

1. You need to get some Score Tape by ScorPal.  I used the 1" score tape but any size will work.  This is a double sided tape where both sides are sticky with one side having a paper lining.

2. Tear off as long of a strip as you like. I made several 12" strips.  I laid them lining side down on my craft mat with the sticky side up.

3. I took plain white tissue paper (like you wrap gifts with) and pressed tissue over each piece of the tape, smoothing it as I went along. You could use colored tissue as well...I just didn't have any to try.

4. Flip the tape over and trim excess tissue paper from the sides with your scissors.

5. Now the real fun begins ! You can color your washi tape using any misting inks such as Tattered Angels, Mr. Huey, Maya Road.  Just spray the color on, then lay a paper towel over the top to soak up the excess. I left a few plain white too.

6. Let the misted strips air dry....I hate to wait so I put a fan on them to dry a little faster.  DO NOT use your heat gun on them as you don't want to melt the adhesive tape.

7. I added various stamps from my stash over the top of the dry misted tape strips.  Different texture stamps or numbers, script fonts, various name it, you can add it to make some really adorable Washi Tape.

Here are some samples of the homemade Washi Tapes I made in less than an hour.  I am addicted to making more for every occassion now.  Hope it inspires you to make your own !

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Trisha said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. I have to try this. Seems like the real Washi tape is expensive and you don't have what you want when you need it.


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