Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So Beary Cute

Well, as many of you may know, I make alot of layouts featuring my silly granddaughter, Bianca.  She is a happy, joyous and creative 8 year old and an endless source of photo shoots. Over the winter we were at my dad's house and she started hamming it up so of course I had to capture her silliness once again.

Here is a layout I made using Twinkle Toes Lite Cartridge. 
Bianca is fascinated with my dad's Grizzly rug.
Here she was making a "BEAR ANGEL" instead
of a snow angel. Silly, right?

I used Twinkle Toes Lite Cartridge to
make this adorable bear.
I tried to mimic Bianca's shirt on the
skirt of the bear using Copic Markers.

On the title I used some pretty half dome pearls in pink
to add a feminine touch.


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