Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Flat Stanley's Adventure with the O'Neal Family

We had a house guest the month of October.  He wasn't your typical house guest...he came folded up in an envelop and didn't take up much room.  The good news was he enjoyed whatever we were doing and was very neat.  Yes, you guessed it.  We played host to Flat Stanley...a beloved character in the children's books.  In the story, Flat Stanley had a bullentin board fall on him and flattens him.  He mails himself around the world to have adventures that are documented in the books. How fun is that?!!

One of my MB friends' has a daughter who teaches the Second Grade. The kids in their class sent a Flat Stanley they had colored to a family to host for the month of October.  We were responsible for taking Flat Stanley around our city or wherever we were going.  We needed to send a few post cards to the child, a souvenir or two and some pictures of Flat Stanley when we returned him.  Well you know since I am a scrapbooker, of course I made a scrapbook of Flat Stanley's adventurers with us for the child to enjoy.

Since Bianca is also in the Second Grade knew exactly who Flat Stanley was and was very happy to help me host Flat Stanley in Houston.  We were also able to take Flat Stanley on our recent trip to Boston.  I thought it was a great opportunity to show Flat Stanley is such an important historical city about our country.

Here are a few pictures of the book I made for the child of Flat Stanley's trip with us. The book has a lot of pockets, tags and flip up pages for added fun.

In Houston we took Flat Stanley to our Zoo and to lunch for burgers.

Flat Stanley made it here in time for us to take him to Boston for vacation.
There are so many transportation options in Boston area, we captured a lot of those.
And of course, in Boston you have to do the Freedom Trail

We saw all the historical sites on the Freedom Trail
And we really enjoyed the cooler fall weather and the gorgeous fall colors.
They have an amazing Aquarium in Boston that we visited.
The Giant Sea Turtle and all the Penguins were our favorites.

As you can see, we had a great time in Boston with Flat Stanley
We got back to Houston in time for Flat Stanley to Trick or Treat with Bianca and friends.  
I even made him a Ghost Costume to wear.
 At the Old State House I bought this children's book about the
American Revolution to send to the class along with the scrapbook.
Plus of course I sent a few other goodies we gathered on our travel to Boston.

We will miss Flat Stanley at our house.  I almost feel like we are going through the empty nest syndrome again :)   


Nadia said...

I love that you posted this on your blog. I have thought about putting a photo slide show on mine with my Kentucky Stanley pics. I love how you did the book!

Anonymous said...

As a teacher myself, I totally love this! And your scrapbooking style is adorable. I'm having a scrapbooking challenge at my blog right now. I'd love it if you'd stop by and take part. :-)


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