Sunday, September 12, 2010

Had a BLAST at a Cricut Crop Yesterday!

I got to meet some really nice ladies yesterday at a Cricut Crop I went to  hosted by Lori Brodnax.  It was so much fun with demos and door prizes and great food and wonderful crafty inspiration from everyone!

Lori asked me to demo the Cricut Cake and the Gypsy for the ladies. I was a lot of fun. A couple of people had bought the Cricut Cake machines and needed some help figuring out what they were doing wrong.  Hopefully my suggestions work for them...they seemed very happy with my suggestions.

I was also glad I was able to de-mystify some of the things the Gypsy can do for people who already own them but don't use them much.  Now they are Gypsy fanatics and enjoying the power of  the Gypsy. 
Plus I think I inspired a couple of people to buy a Gypsy as well :) 

Unfortunately, I was so busy making new friends, eating, laughing, creating and demoing that I completely forgot to take any pictures of the crop even though I had my camera with me. Bummer.

However, I did want to share with my new Gypsy fanatics some directions to make the Stylus fob they were admiring on my Gypsy.  

Note: If anyone wants a Stylus fob and doesn't want to make one, contact me at .     I do sell them and can customize one for you in whatever color beads you prefer.

This is an exampe of how the beaded fob looks when completed.  As you can see, it only takes a few beads.
Sorry for the dark picture...we are having thunderstorms here and it is very dark outside. 

This is a bit better picture I took on a good light day of my Stylus fob with my Gypsy.

Here are some simple directions:
I used the bead-a-lon beading WIRE (not the plastic stretchy one) that found in the jewelry department in any craft store. I picked one that wasn't the thinnest but not the thickets one either. Remember you have to slide the beads on the wire so that should guide you in which one to get.

I cut a length off that is about double the size I wanted the beaded part to be. Then folded in it half so you have a loop on one end and at opposite end is left open for now. Now you need to thread a jewelery crimp bead over both of the wires on the open end. Pull the crimp bead up towards the loop until it is about 1 1/2 inches from the top of the loop, then crimp (squish) the bead flat.

Next you thread your beads and findings on the rest of the wire. Remember to put the beads through BOTH of the wires. Once you get the beads and findings on there the way you like them, then add another crimp bead on the open end of the wires. Make sure you crimp it well so the beads don't fall off! If any of the wire is left sticking out on the end, I just snip it just below the crimp bead.

I added a little piece of gossamer ribbon to the top of my fobs just above the first bead on the end with the loop.

To use, just thread the loop through the hole on the top of your stylus. Waaaalaaaah!!!

You can make these for your Stylus and even make the loop larger and use on your scissors.  They are great to identify your stuff at crops and add a little bling to your life too!


Shannon said...

Look at you getting down with your crafty little self....those beaded fobs are adorable.....what a great idea!

Charlotte said...

ohhh - found this while looking at your Valentine's Day cards. I will definately have to lift this idea! TFS!


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