Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Family and Friends are AMAZING !

After my family's plotting and planning and hiding all the details from me of my 50th Birthday Party, the big day arrived on September 19th (just three short days after my real birthday on the 16th).

And let me tell you.....THEY ARE AMAZING PARTY GIVERS!!!! I never could have imagined all the fabulous things my family planned and executed to help me celebrate my 50th in such a special way! I guess after all these years of my being the party giver in the family, they really did absorb some of party planning tips I use. They are still assuring me that I remain responsible for our future family gatherings even though I am more than willing to step aside at this point :)

Mere words cannot explain all the wonderful details ... the barbque dinner, the cake, the games, the decor, the slideshow, the caricature artist, the flashing 50 pins, my crown and sash and ALL the FUN!

So enjoy a few of the photos from my 50th.....they speak for themselves. You will be able to see why I am so humbled by all of their efforts on my behalf! I LOVE YOU ALL....

Diva Debbie's 50th Birthday Party at Armadillo Place on September 19th.

The fantabulous Scrapbook Diva Birthday Cake.... The pics were edible and the cake was CHOCOLATE of course !!

The kids at the party enjoyed an imaginative game of "PIN THE CROWN ON THE DIVA"!
A pic of me and a bunch of cute crowns, a blind fold and the kids were having loads of fun!

It wouldn't be a party for me without a luscious strawberry margaritas in my hand!
Note: The Crown, Sash and Caricature Artist are normally optional at most parties but I highly recommend them :)

The guests enjoyed my favorite dinner....Bar-b-que of course for this Texas Native!

It is truly humbling to see 50 of your nearest and dearest family and friends at a party in your honor!

My Daughter Heather was the major planner of this shinding for me. She has always been so creative and this party really showed off some of her creativity....I wonder where she got that from :) Thanks for all your efforts was a wonderful party !

My Daughter Crystal even managed to find time to help with the party even though she lives out of town and just started a new job! I was so happy you could join us to celebrate your mom becoming "old". LOL

And my # 1 dear hubby Michael who worked so hard to plan a special night to celebrate!

I am not sure who is more of the character....the REAL Gary or the drawing of him! Thanks for coming all the way from OK to my party dear friend!

It was no surprise that the caricature artist made my dad's wild and crazy eyebrows such a feature in his drawing! LOVE IT and you too Dad!! I was so glad you were able to be at my party.

And we KNOW that my nephew Nicholas is the real cutie in this picture and the drawing just shows that off!
Crystal, Michael and me!

My oldest (not her age, just how long we have known each other) and dearest friend Anne. She made the slide show that both made me both laugh and cry that night! Thank you sweetie!

I was so thrilled to see my granddaughter Bianca and my dear friend Joan hit it off at the party. They are both such social butterflies it really shouldn't have been a surprise :) Thanks Joan for jetting in to help me celebrate!

Note all the western decor at this place....that is a real horse saddle with silver decor on it on display and loads of great western memorabila on the walls. And yes, the bar-b-que is as good as it looks here. YUMMY !!!

My dear in-laws and my hubby sharing some time together. Thanks Gladys for picking up the cake at the bakery. I hear it was an experience since the cake was so large !

My new dear friends, Rochelle and Rick. Thank you Roc for helping with the party. Heather loved getting to hang out with you during the party planning/shopping!
As you can see, the party was super fabulous! I certainly am thrilled beyond words...well almost! Thank you to all my guest and family who helped make my 50th birthday something special and memorable!
There were a ton of photos taken that night and I might post some more another time...sorry I couldn't post pics of everyone this round but know you are loved and appreciated too!


Connie said...

Debbie, Wow what a wonderful looked well as you!
Happy Birthday and many,many more!

MJC said...

Wow! I hope I look as great as you do when I turn 50! How nice of your family and friends to celebrate in such grand fashion. Great to see your father there too!!! Thanks for posting to the yahoo! group about your blog!
Mona from Hawaii

Shannon said...

Love it....that cake is amazing...and they really made you feel like a Diva...which they should glad to see that your dad was there as well....

Can't wait to see more pictures!

Susan Lepore said...

I totally love that scrapbook birthday cake! ... how perfect for a scrapper celebrating her special day! Happy 50th Debbie! Thanks for sharing...

Tove said...

That looked like a great party. So happy they did that for you. You deserved it ! You look so good with a crown !
Happy I got to play with you on Saturday. Hope you had a great dinnerthat evening.
Hope to see you on the 9th-10th.
Take care ,

Anonymous said...

Looks like your Birthday was fabulous!!!! There is nothing like family and friends to love & be loved by!!! Great photos, thanks for sharing!!!

cflook said...

Debbie that looks like so much fun! How great that you had so many friends and family to help you celebtrate! That cake is too great!

Keely said...

I'm so glad your family and friends went out of their way to help you celebrate!! Your daughters and granddaughter are beautiful. Here's to many, many more years of good friends and fun parties!!


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