Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wooohooo I Reached My 50 RAK Goal !!!

Each year the Creative Escape Yahoo Message Board of which I am a proud member of this year, encourages us to get to know other attendees by sending out RAKS (Random Acts of Kindness) packages to people we don't know. They can be big or small, handmade or bought...the point is you brighten someone's day by sending them a package in anticipation of CE.

Since I am going to CE this year as a special celebration of my 50th Birthday (thanks to my dear hubby)....I decided to send out 50 RAKS of goodness to my fellow CE participants. I had so much fun making and sending special items to 50 different ladies.

This week I reached my goal....I finished packaging up and mailing out the last of the RAKS to get to 50 ! I was smiling like a big kid when I put these packages in the mail at the post office :)

I hope that my efforts have brought smiles to the faces of people I hope to get to meet and know a little better at the end of August at Creative Escape.

I have really enjoyed the RAKs I have received from other participants and appreciate their thoughtfulness. This event is going to be so full of talented and special women that I am already honored to be in their midst come August.

Hope you have a wonderful a little something to bring a smile to someone you would like to know.


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