Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who Knew Zebra Stuff Could Be So Cute !!!

I joined another one of the fun swaps for Creative Escape to get to know another person going. This one is called "Lets Escape" and you make up a gift basket of goodies ...both bought and/or handmade getting one item for each letter of the swap name. You can use the questionnaire your partner sends you to make sure you pick things they will love.

L is for LIPS - pamper your partners lips and make them smile
(I sent cute lip shaped container of lip gloss in luscious pink shine)
E is for EXPRESSION - item that lets your partner express themselves on their scrap projects
(I sent Elles Studio Journaling Spots and Making Memories Animal Print Letter Stickers)
T is for TRANSPARENT - include a transparent item
(I sent Heidi Swapp's new adorable Clear Accent Shapes)
S is for SPARKLE - a girl's gotta have their bling!
(I sent packages of Kaiser bling in pink and green CE colors and CE Crystal earrings I made)

E is for Embellish - fun scrapbook embellishment
(I sent my and stitched felt flowers in CE colors and zebra felt and ribbon)
S is for SWEET - a yummy treat for your partner to enjoy
(I sent Gummy Bears cause she loves those as much as I do!)
C is for CHIPBOARD - some fun chipboard
(I sent Me & My Big Ideas "Kids" Shaped Mini Chipboard Album & matching embellies)
A is for AWESOME - something awesome from Heidi or Tim's scrap stuff for your partner
(I sent the new Tim's Tiny Attacher from my partners wish list)
P is for PAMPER - spoil your partner with something to pamper herself
(I sent Spa Gloves with lotion to pamper her hands after all the scrapping we will do)
E is for EXTRAORDINARY - create something for your partner to enjoy
(I sent a mixed texture shaped mini album with may textured papers, custom made zebra
flip flops and a beaded scissor charm for her to enjoy)

I can not tell you how much fun I had finding items to send my Let's Escape Partner, Veronica.
I have been dying to post the pic of what all I sent but had to wait for Veronica to acknowledge the package first since I wanted it to be a surprise.

And of course, she was sooooo sweet to say how much she loved all the goodies ! I can hardly wait to meet her IRL and give her a hug!!!


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