Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cool New Tool - The i-top from Imaginisce

CHA Summer is coming up at the end of the month, and I just LOVE to see what new tools will be hitting the shelves soon. This time the clear winner of the tool premieres will be by one of my favorite companies, Imaginisce ! They have come up with the most wonderful tool called the
i-Top to allow you to make your own brads!

My head is already spinning with ideas to use this tool with .....fabric and paper and pictures oh my ! I am so wanting this tool to make a family tree brads with my families faces on it to put on a canvas background ....doesn't that sound cool !

I know some of you may be thinking, can't I just use the button cover maker I bought at the cloth store? Well, speaking from experience let me tell you it doesn't even compare to this great new tool.
1. The i-top tool easily uses not only fabric but photos and scrapbook paper...the button cover maker thing really only easily does fabric, the paper tears in it easily.
2. The i-top tool is easy to use and you get perfect results each time....the button cover maker thing requires the strength of hercules to push the material over the button cover and if you push too hard it tears your material and makes it useless.
3. The i-top tool makes BRADS that are great for not only embellishing but connecting elements together and doesn't require further attachment adhesives....the button cover maker only makes buttons which require some other form of adhesive.
So, in conclusion, scrap tool junkies like myself will find many useful things to do with the i-top to make our projects even more special. Thank you Imaginisce for pushing the limits of scrap tools !

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