Saturday, May 9, 2009

Check Out My New Sweet Ride !

This absolutely gorgous, comfy new bike is all mine...courtsey of my dear hubby! I have been wanting a new bike for a while since my old bike was stolen last year. Now that my eye is doing so much better I can finally do some exercising and biking seems like a great idea to kick that off.

After trying out a few different brands and styles, I was almost giddy after riding around in the parking lot testing this bike out. I rode up to my hubby and joyfully declared "this is MY Perfect BIKE" ! He was charmed by my apparent enthusiasm and we bought it immediately. I AM SO EXCITED !!

I used to love to go on bike rides. It is such an incredible feeling to be zipping around on a bike. I imagine it is similiar to the feeling a bird might have while flying around in the sky.

As a kid I spent hours on my bike traveling all over the neighborhood, riding over to friend's houses for sleep overs or going to the neighborhood grocery store for my mom to buy a loaf of bread (the only thing she would let me carry back while I was riding a bike). From sunrise to beyond sunset, if my parents could find me, most likely I was out on my bike. It was a purple schwinn bike with one of those banana seats and a white basket with flowers on the front and streamers on the handle bars. I LOVED that bike at the time....I can't remember whatever happened to it exactly but I know that bike was well used and appreciated.

I can't wait to ride my new bike up to Hermann park or along Braes Bayou or over to a friend's house. Such sweet memories it will bring back for me.

Now I just need to think of a good name for my bike. A bike this special certainly deserves a good name. Hmmmmmmm, let me think about this for while to get just the right name.

It is a lovely shade of lite aqua blue called prada sky and rides like a dream. If you have a suggestion for a possible name, leave me a comment.

I hope you find something joyful or a sweet memory comes to mind from something you loved as a child.

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to all the Mommies in the world!!!!

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Sydney said...

Happy Mother's Day Debbie!!!!

I LOVE YOUR RIDE! And the color, of course it's named Prada....

If the weather is not too stifling, we could go for a ride around Rice together. Just let me know.

We're off to Colorado at the end of the week. I have so much school work to do before then I'm a little buried. We need to take the trip because there is a pump being put in for the well we finally drilled in the fall... s we have to oversee it and kind of don't have a choice on timing. But we will have running water in the cabin at long last. Woohoo.


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