Friday, March 20, 2009

the SUN is SHINING this early MARCH morning!

WOW -- It is absolutely gorgeous outside this morning. What a welcome relief from our rainy and cold weather earlier this week. Spring Breakers here must be jumping for joy today!
I immediately thought to grab my camera this morning and take a better picture of the layout "LUCK of the IRISH" because the pic in the post below did not do it justice and our "little Irish princess" wants to see a "prettier picture" of it on my blog. LOL....that girl is such a perfectionist.
Really, she is just a great little scrapper even at 6 years old and understands design and color better than most grown ups do. It is just a natural talent that she has always had.
So Miss B -- this one's for you ! Have a wonderful day sweetheart!

Notice the cute versatile Jillibean Soup Journaling Sprouts I used not only for journaling but also as mat corners and to frame the brad. I just love these products and can't wait to get more of them ! Jillibean Soup is a relatively new scrapbook company. If you haven't seen their stuf, check out their site under my Favorite Blogs.

1 comment:

Sydney said...

And YOU get the prize for best Grandma around for retaking and reposting it!!!!

It IS a gorgeous day!


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