Sunday, July 20, 2008

With a Sad Heart ....

In April of this year, I mentioned on my blog post that my dear brother-in-law, Robert, had developed rapid growth melanoma cancer. It is with a sad heart that I let you know that Robert lost his battle last Sunday evening, July 13. We are so going to miss his bright smile, generous and giving spirit plus his big booming voice. It has been a struggle this week to do much of anything but we know Robert would want us to go on so I am making an effort to at least get back to normal.

Robert had always been very supportive of my scrapbooking and even made sure on gift giving occasions to purchase expensive scrapbook magazine subscriptions or special tools I wanted to aid me in my scrappy efforts. He always wanted to see what I had been working on and was very complimentary of my work. That is really saying something about Robert since even being a single guy he took the time to support and enjoy the efforts of his extended family.

I wanted to post one of his favorite layouts I did recently that he really liked since not only did he love the photos of his grand-niece Bianca but he even noticed that I had altered the American Crafts Pink Thickers I used for the title "Precious". I had used a pen cap and indented the foam thickers with dots and then filled the dots with a white sharpie pen ink. Robert thought that was a stroke of genious. Plus he was intrigued that I had used a tiny hole punch in the scalloped border along the bottom edge. He was such a great guy and really went out of his way to make others feel special.

Dear Robert, know that you were loved and appreciated for everything you brought to our lives.

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