Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family Reunions are FUN!!

Who would have thought it would have taken me this long in life to learn more about my mother's KEPKA side of the family? And that I would have enjoyed it so much ? Since the late 1950's, the KEPKA's who are of czech descent have had a family reunion in Kansas around or in the town of Wilson where our first KEPKA relatives from Bohemia in the 1876. This is the first time I have ever gone...frankly, I just found out about it a year ago and promised to go. I was able to meet my Great Uncle Don and he had a treasure trove of old pictures of my mother and uncles as little children on the family farm in Wilson. I don't have any old photos of my mother, a farm or anything like that so getting these was so exciting!!! My cousin Randy, my great uncle's son, had put over 50 pictures on a cd and brought them for me. Can you imagine my delight? These pictures are from the 1940's so cool to see the clothing, hairstyles, cars, buildings, etc from that period of time.

There were around 150 KEPKA's at the reunion, most of them all living in and around the town of Wilson. And I was so surprised they all brought pictures to the reunion to share....many from the late 1800's......WOW!!!

I was able to hear many stories from some of the older generation of relatives about my great grandfather and great grandmother, grandfather and my mother as a child ...it was so rewarding to hear these stories. I will be able to add many more stories of my family history scrapbook.

I encourage any of you who get a chance to attend a family reunion to take a leap of faith and go....even if it is three states away and they are people you have never met :)

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