Sunday, May 18, 2008

You must be wondering ....What's She Up to Next?!?!?!

I hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day. I think my family must have thought I had won MOM OF THE YEAR or something because they really went all out! My oldest daughter sent me a really fun gift in the mail....A PAJAMA GRAM ! Yes, you read that right....PAJAMAS by MAIL !! The PJ's are really adorable and came in a lovely box with a little scented sache and a hang tag for the door that reads "RELAXING" . Such an original gift! I just love them. My youngest daughter, not to be topped by her big sis, gave me a beautiful amethyst and diamond ring! I just about fell off the chair when I opened that gift - definitely something to treasure. My dear granddaughter made me a one-of-a-kind scrapbook page to display in my scrap room that I will enjoy seeing every day to remind me of her smiling face. Hubby took me to my favorite place for brunch and later we enjoyed a nice meal with my mother-in-law. All in all a very memorable Mother's Day for me.

I taught the Sweet Memories Album Class today. It was so fun. The ladies in the class were fun, worked hard and loved their albums when they left. That made for a great Sunday afternoon for me!

Now, on to the next thing....I am teaching a kids class for a Father's Day gift project which includes a wood clip, photo mount, a card and a gift bag. I am expecting up to 30 kids in this class so wish me luck! I just love working with the kiddos on art projects and seeing them make something to share with their loved ones. Here is a peak at the project they will be doing.

I am working on some more adult classes for the summer so you need to check back to what's up next !
On a final note, Thanks to all who have said prayers and sent well wishes for my brother-in-law. He is still doing poorly and we are all pulling for him to get some relief from his pain and deteriorating health. It is hard on all of us but we are trying to keep our daily routines as normal as possible. I try to blog whenever I can and my spirit is lifted by everyone's kind words.
Happy Scrappin' Everyone ! Keep the creative juices flowing!

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