Monday, June 23, 2008

$1 Inspiration that is "Priceless"

Ever wonder what to do with all that cute $1 stuff you see at the store? I recently was inspired by a fun "golf" pen I found at the local discount store. I needed a quicky gift card for Father's Day and decided the "golf' pen was a perfect base to create a one of a kind card for Dad. I took 2 of the $1 pens, punched holes in the cardboard backing, tied a little ribbon through each hole to create a "card".

I added some AC Vinyl Thicker letters to the front for the title and covered the inside of the "card" (which was the back of the cardboard holder of the "golf pen", added a Father's Day missive....and wallaaaaah!!!! Trust me when I say I will be looking for more fun $1 items to create with in the future. Let me know if any of you have ever "altered" a $1 item to create something inspired.

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