Saturday, March 8, 2008

SPRING Inspiration !

WOW - I can't believe it is MARCH already, can you? The trees and flowers are already starting to bud and after a few very cold days for our area, it is gorgeous outside. Bright sunshine and about 70 degrees -- you can't beat that! Hubby and I went to the museum district and strolled around the sculpture garden. Across the way there is a contemporary art museum and they had the coolest piece of art hanging ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING! This is a massive building and as you can see the art work is HUGE!! It was so beautiful and inspiring and so reminded me of scrapbooking that I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. Can you guess what the art is made out of......

Well...did you take a guess of what the flowers are made aren't going to believe this - they are plastic placemats and plastic flowers. So cool and yummy to look at and so very inspiring ! I can't wait to use this inspiration to create a cool LO soon. Here is an upclose look at the flowers so you can tell they are just round placemats. What do you think of this?

Oh...don't forget to set your clock forward tonight....I am so EXCITED it is SPRING!!! Hope whatever you are doing today, you are enjoying yourself and finding inspiration around you.

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c.a.b.ernet said...

Debbie - Those are awesome!!!

I thought you'd made your own curtain of flowers at first. I'm going to have to take a trip down there to check them out.

Go enjoy this beautiful weather!!


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