Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Clearly - All the Rage !

Anything clear seems to be making a huge impact on Scrapbooking in the recent months. I too have fallen for this new medium that is so versatile and fun to design. At the recent CKC in Houston I was so impressed with one project that I signed up for the class immediately upon seeing the class sample.

The Looking Thru Clearly home decor project offered by Paper Elements is yet another great take on how to use clear elements. Thought you might want to see this unique picture frame designed and taught by Jolene Graning. Jolene is an amazing teacher and had us zip through this wonderful project quickly and efficiently while we chatted and had fun! Jolene shared with us that the frame design came after a late night at an IHOP - the frame is inspired by their tri-fold menu of all things. Gotta love that!

The frame is made of three hard boards linked with ribbons to create a tri-fold frame that you fit transparencies in the cut out part of two of the boards and mount photos on the back part. When standing, you see the picture through the transparancies for a cool effect. Great thing is that you can display two pictures , one on the front side and one on the back side so you can rotate the frame around to display the picture of your choice.

I would encourage those of you considering this class at upcoming CKC's to take it -- it is a very wonderful project and if Jolene is teaching it, you will have a great time as well.

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