Monday, January 21, 2008

CKC Houston Review Part 1

My friends and I recently had a blast at CKC Houston. Just getting together with your scrap buddies is always fun but we all took some classes that we loved and will share reviews with you later. There were about 6,000 scrappers at the Houston show ...between the 3 days so the show size was good and you got to meet lots of other scrappers which is always interesting !

The Vendor Faire was pretty good with lots of stuff to buy...I probably spent more than I should have but that is half the fun, right? LOL My favorite "not to miss booths" were : Embellish It!, Quick Quotes, Scrapbooks 'N Stickers, Lickety Split Scrapbooks and Rusty Pickle.

My Biggest Areas of Concern about this show:

1) The Vendor Faire, Food, CK area and where the class areas were held were really too far from each other and we had to walk through another convention event to get between the two areas.
2) A lot of these classes are only 1 hour and really need to be 1 1/2 hr to 2 hrs to complete....even when the teachers were speeding through. Just know in advance that you are not going to finish the project in class.

My Recommendations to Anyone Attending:
1) Wear your best comfy walking shoes !!
2) Bring a jacket/sweater - some rooms in convention center were cool
3) Don't forget your camera - you will want to take pics of the projects and of just being at the event to scrap later
4) Bring some handiwipes - lots of these classes were "messy" with inks, glues, etc.
5) Bring two shoulder tote bags - one for your class stuff and one for all your purchases --- makes it lots easier
6) Bring more money than you think you will spend or a friend to keep you friend buying everything in site
7) If you are unfamilar with a teaching vendor, then go to their website and see the quality of their projects, etc. before signing up OR if in doubt, wait until you are at CKC to add that class sample after you see the project at the CK booth.

See Part 2 to read reviews of some classes and a few pics

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