Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Use Your Stash Challenge ...oh yeah !

I have decided to particpate in a USE YOUR STASH challenge on the Cricut Circle Message Board.  Basically, you are challenged to only use up things you already own and not purchase more supplies to complete projects. The challenge is January 1 through March 31st.   Now of course, there are few exceptions such as getting more adhesive,etc. so you can keep working along in the challenge.  You also get to have 1 FREE PASS to purchase something during the three month period if you have a special circumstance such as a scrapbook convention or a special buy you can't resist but you do have to post what that is and justify it to the group.

After looking around at the piles and piles of stuff in my craft room that has gone unloved lately, I thought this was a great way to encourage me to use what I have and enjoy some fun while at it.

So, for USE YOUR STASH #1 I found two Basic Grey card kits I had in my stash and tackled those.  I am nursing a bad cold and just didn't feel inspired to create from scratch but wanted to get something done this week.  The card kits went together quickly and it was encouraging to see my stash pile go down into something that would be used. 

16 cards for birthdays and other events too.  I plan on adding a
stamped sentiment to the inside as I select each card to send out.

and from the scraps leftovers, I made 5 more birthday cards !
yeah, no scraps leftover and now I have 22 cards to send !!!!! 

Okay, who needs a card?  I have some ready for the mail ! 


Carolyn/MamaC said...

I am so glad you are participating in the Using Your Stash challenge on the message board! Love all the cards you have made!

MissyJenJen said...

Love your cards!! Such a great use of your stash :)


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