Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Organize your Stash Challenge-Stamps & Inks

Another wonderful thing that comes from being a member of the Cricut Circle is the way all the members support each other on the message board.  From inspiring us with their creativity, providing a needed shoulder to cry on when tragedy strikes to helping us celebrate achievements, this group of crafters really are a big part of my online family.

Now some of that support is a "wee bit bad" since they "enable" you by posting deals on scrap supplies they found.  But then, that is balanced by also helping us figure out how to store those items in our craft room !

For 2012, we have an Organize Your Stash Challenge going.  Each week the host post an area we need to organize.  This week we are organizing our Stamps.  I mostly had a system going but needed to straighten this area out and re-org how I was sorting them and all my inks.

This is my stamping station.  My DH added a larger shelf
to some existing builtin bookcases in my craft room so I
had more room to stamp.  Yeah !

I store all my stamps in CD cases.  They are sorted and labeled
by theme and type.  This works out great for me to easily
find what I am looking for when I need a certain stamp.

This is what they look like in their CD case.
As you can see, you can get quite a few in here.

I have a small wire basket
(it's  cute & pink...I bought it at Target last year)
and I keep all my "new, need to be stored" stamps
in here until I get around to using them and putting in
a CD case.  I even have some scrap white cardstock
tucked in the front to use when I need test a stamp.

My inks are stored with my stamps.
I found this wooded shelf set out for
trash in my neighborhood and re-purposed it
to hold some of my inks.
Starting at bottom: embossing inks and large acyrlic blocks
2nd shelf: stazon, waterproof inks and small acrylic blocks
3rd shelf: permanent inks & 7 Gypsy stamper
top shelf: Paper Towels, wet wipes

On the side wall , I hung my roller. And tucked in
between wall and shelf is Ranger Dry Foam and Felt Sheets.
I even have some 12X12 chipboard sheets covered in plastic to use
for portable stamping, painting, glittering when I need to set aside to dry. 

My Distress and Chalk inks are stored temporarily in
some photo ain't pretty I know, but
DH is gonna make me two little shelves across that
whole area for me to keep these most used items on
above the stamp cases.   And my markers are stored here
as well in a folding pen holder I turned on it's side.

And my latest addition to this area
is my awesome 4 tiered revolving tray
where I have my mists, daubers, ink daubers,
blending tools, alcohol inks, ink refills, etc.
I LOVE this !  And I saw one on Pinterest and
hunted it down.  For only $20 I can hardly
believe how much this stores !!!!!!

I keep my Cats Eye inks, Stickles and Ranger Pearls and Paint on a shelf next to my inking station.

My Cats Eyes are stored in this Plano box and sorted by color family.
I do keep some basic colors like Chestnut Roan and Black in my tool bag.
My Stickles, and Dimensional Pearls I keep in this
taller Plano box.
I store this box upside down on my shelf so the Stickles
stays to the top and does not dry out. 
Again, I keep one of the white glittery ones like Crystal
or Star Dust in my tool bag for easy access.

My Perfect Pearls. Perfect Medium and assorted brushes are kept in the clear plastic shoe box.
Well, I hope this inspires you to get your stamping area set up.  It's nice to have everything handy
and a specific place to stamp.


Cindy Vernon said...

Great job!

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

Wow, I love your crafting space! Thanks for sharing your tips on storing your stamps and inks.

Donna said...

Gosh, you have a great craft place.

Maria Jhun said...

Great ideas...especially with the CD stamp storage. I will try it!
Thnak you...

Scrappin Dhilly said...

Wow, your scrap space makes me want to go shopping in there! Such a great scrappy place! I am popping over from the Circle messageboard to check out your blog. I am a new follower and am looking forward to your creations!

Nadia ( said...

You are so fabulously organized... heaven!


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