Friday, May 13, 2011

See Why They Call Me ScrapHappyDeb

Ever wonder why my MB name is "ScrapHappyDeb"?
My DH took this picture tonight of me in my scraproom tonight for a contest on the Cricut Circle Blog that requires we submit a picture of ourselves in our scrap rooms. 

We decided to ham it up a bit...I am wearing my "signature crown",
surrounded by some of my Cricut machines including my new E2 while
reading my inaugural copy of the Cricut Magazine.
Sadly my Cake Machine, YUDU and V1 didn't make it into the picture. 
Now all I need is the IMAGINE
so I can have a complete and happy Cricut Machine family !

I have decked out my adorable Cricut Plushie in his own Scrap Apron courtesy of Build A Bear!
He loves being right un the lovely Circle Scarf serving dual duty as wall decor. 
Since we are here, why don't I give you a little tour of the place that makes me so happy.

When you walk into the room, my scrap space is just to your left.
I use an old oak dining room table that seats 8 for my scrap table.
It's perfect for having friends over to scrap or
when I want to really really spread out myself !
In this picture you can see my inspiration station with projects and magazines,
my cutting station with Cricut and Cuttlebug stuff, cricut cart storage and ribbon storage.
If you scan around to the right, you will see my Stamp Station,
my Paper Station and My Small Embellishment Stations.
Here's a few close up shots and explanations method to my madness...
I store all my patterned paper sorted by manufacturer and kits
in 12X12 plastic sleeves in assorted baskets.
This makes it so easy to find just what I want.
I keep all my most current scrap buys in a 12X12 rolling hanging file bin under the scrap table.
All my small embellies I store in jars on this shelf.
Buttons, brads, fabric brads, metal tags, decorative pins, etc.
And hanging on hooks form the bottom is my extensive
Flower collection sorted by color in hanging bags on binder rings.

Here is how I store my large ribbon collection.
As you can see, I have sorted my ribbon by color, type or theme by attaching
each piece on a safety pin hung on a large binder ring. 
Each large binder ring of ribbon is then suspended from a smaller ring on the rod.
The rod is just threaded through the shelf brackets above.
This system works great for me...I just unhook the large binder ring from the smaller ring
of the colors I want to try with my project, snip off what I want and then hang
back up on the smaller ring.  This system cost me about $5 total.

Here is my stamping station. All my inks, glimmer mist, 
Paint Daubers, Acrylic Paints and stamps are stored here.
I have a nice hard wood shelf that DH extended for me so
I have plenty of room to stamp and clean up here too.
Most of my stamps are acrylic so I store in CD cases.
Here is how I store all my many Cricut Cartridges.
These are large size Snapware containers with two tiers each.
   I just expanded into my third Snapware container system for my Cricut Cartridges. 
I love this system but I changed it up a bit from other's I have seen posted. 
The top tier holds the booklets divided by alpha.
I have plenty of room to add more to this A-F Set.
For now, I am storing my E2 & Imagine carts separately
from my regular Cricut Carts.
On the bottom tier, I have placed 4 drawer dividers I bought at the $ store.
I used plastic needlepoint canvas to make a few dividers I slid between slots.
This gives me room to put 5 carts in each section and they don't fall over
when I take them out of their spot and makes it easier to replace them.
As you can see I have about 34 carts in this bin so far and
room to expand to up to 60 if needed.
On the tall shelf, starting at the top:
 1) my extra trimmers and MS Scoring board and misc blank albums
2) Stacked boxes to hold my bling, all my Thickers in big box
3) Small Sterlite bins hold my journaling cards and epherma, twine,
 doilies, gaffer tape, etc. I have my heat gun and ribbon iron on top.
4) Small Sterlite bins hold envelops, tags, bingo cards. 
Large bins hold Rub Ons, Large Bling sheets,
 Metals, Stickers, Mini Alpha Sheets 
Rest of that shelf unit
5) All my cardstock, sorted by type and color
6) Specific Scrap Items sorted by Holidays in 12X12 Bins
  And last but not least is our BIG SCREEN TV...woohooo....I can scrap and watch chick flicks too !!!

I do share this very large bonus room with my DH. His geneology area is on the right of the room when you walk in but it is just a big desk with a wall of shelves with boxes and boxes and boxes of Geneology stuff in them so not really worth showing you.

Now do you can see why I am "ScrapHappyDeb", right? LOL  I love all my yummy scrap stuff and spend
most of my free time in this room creating.  Hope something you see in my room inspires you !


Pam said...

Girl you have serious space! :) I am so green with envy!
Now I know why you enjoy crafting so much. Awesome and TFS

Cindy said...

Okay, I love it! Please stop by my blog--I have an award for you :-)

Suzanne said...

Great room Deb. I have a cricut award for you on my blog. Thanks for your inspiration.


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