Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Girls Rule {Enough Said!}

As many of you know, I have a granddaughter who I dote on and who loves to scrapbook with me!
She is now 8...time sure flies....and is at that great age where to her all boys are truly yucky and gross.
{Nonny says "Good girl..keep thinking that for a while longer!"}

Anyways...one of her favorite sayings is

Over the past year she has insisted we buy her buy t-shirts, cups, ball caps and even tote bags with this saying on it so I know I had to make her this sign for her bedroom door when I saw it on a cartridge this weekend! 

It is printed from the Imagine Best Friends Cartridge at 10X10, then mounted on cardstock on top of a  12x12 piece of corregated cardboard so it would be lite enough to hang on her door.

{thank you Justice for Girls for encouraging this sentiment and keeping our girls "little" for just a while longer}....and thanks for my friend Kelly for letting me print it out on her Imagine!


L.B. said...

oh how sweet. i hope my 5 year old likes this message to..

Scrapper69 said...

Ohhh.... How CUTE! Now see I'm the opposite! I have all boys and tell them that girls are EVIL!!! LOL Love the sign! :o)

Mary said...

Adorable sign, she'll love it!!


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