Thursday, August 19, 2010

Houston Cricut Circlets SWARM !!

This past Saturday evening, I helped host the first ever Houston Cricut Circlets Swarm.  Provo Craft is hosting some swarms (meet ups) around the country throughout the year but I just couldn't wait for them to get around to us, so I decided to host our own mini swarm to kick things off for those living in Houston area.

Here are some pics of all the fun we had. As you can see, I brought some props for us to use to show our Circut Circle Spirit!

There were 14 delightful ladies who joined me. Everyone was so talented and willing to share their knowledge with each other. Our swarm embodied exactly what the Circle is all about...a community of sharing of knowledge and support of each other and our craftiness.
Standing Row L to R: Milissa, Yvette, Vanessa, Pam R, Demita, Margi, Kelly 
Sitting Row L to R : Pam L, Kristy, Debbie (we had a few that didn't make it for our group photo but joined us later)

 And of course it wouldn't be a get together with friends if we didn't bring snacks to share.
L to R: Kelly, Alisa,Margi, Pam, Milissa
 And Margi WOWED us all with her Cricut Circle Chicken Salad - YUM!

A few of us made gifts for each other.  I made these Circlet Composition books for us to keep track of all the great info we share within the Circle.  And that cute little bug eyed squishy ball is our Houston Circlet Mascot !  Isn't he CUTE?

Pam Ramesh aka The Bug Bytes MB Name

Vanessa AKA TXScrapper MB Name 
Milissa AKA Mili MB Name

 Yvette  AKA Gamma MB Name
 Demita  AKA Momsidsquid MB Name
 Debbie (me) AKA ScrapHappyDeb MB Name

 I am sorry I didn't get close ups of everyone but hopefully the other ladies will have pictures to share of the others. 

Looking forward to getting to know my Houston Cricut Circlet friends better over the coming months :)

*Encase you are wondering what is a Cricut Circlet, the Cricut Circlets are members of a club that Provo Craft host for people who use the Cricut electronic die cut machines and other product line items.  It has a message board community where we can meet in cyber space other people who share our passion for crafting with the Cricut.


Kelly said...

Great photos Debbie! Thanks for everything you did! It was great!

Nancy W said...

Cool, you know I have a cricut too :)

Brens Designs said...

Oh my goodness! You all look like you had sooooo much fun! I would love to go to something like that.


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