Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone !

Anyone know where I can get a t-shirt that says "I survived the 2009 Holidays"? LOL

The recent holidays were both a blessing and a challenge at our house. A blessing that I have such wonderful family and friends to help take care of me during my post surgery recovery and help "make Christmas happen" at our house. It was really frustrating not being 100% full speed during Christmas. There is always so much I LOVE and ENJOY doing during the holidays...decorating, baking treats to share, shopping, making and sending Christmas cards, making gifts, wrapping presents, cooking special family meals, going to parties, enjoying holiday events around town, the list goes on and on as I know you can relate.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention that Miss Bianca turned 7 years old on Dec 11th so we had a little party at our house for her since I was't up to galavanting around and she insisted I be at her party. She is really into Hello Kitty, and LOVED the Giant Hello Kitty pinata her mother found to add to the festivities. Hard to believe our little granddaughter is now such a big girl.

With the help of my dear family and friends, the shopping did get done, the gifts got wrapped, our tree got put up and the house decorated. I even managed to carve out time to send out Christmas cards (store bought but atleast I got the cards mailed out :)
My BFF, Anne, organized a decorating party at my house the weekend after I got out of the hospital because she knows how much I LOVE all my holiday decorations and that I just wasn't up to doing it myself this time. She and members of her family and mine, took on the daunting challenge of not only putting up our tree with over 100 Santa ornaments on it but also placing my favorite snow man and Santa decorations around the house. Bianca enjoyed playing Anne's "elf helper" (see her in background with Santa hat on).
Anne's daughter Joan was just the right person to put the Santa tree topper on top of the tree under the guidance of my mother-in-law, Gladys. (I will post pics of the results of their efforts in another post later).

I finally felt like it was Christmas when one night after work, I finally got around to making my traditional Christmas fudge. And the next night, hubby drove me around to look at Christms lights....funny how some traditions just give you that good ol'e feeling that the holiday IS actually happening!

Christmas Eve was spent at my dad's new house (he has spent the past three years building) with all my side of the family in attendance. It meant a lot to my dad to finally host Christmas at the new house. After his recent liver cancer surgery, we were all thankful to be together this year especially. We even took time to all pose for a big family photo which we haven't done in years. I can hardly wait to get those pictures in my hot little crafty hands!

My mother-in-law graciously hosted us on Christmas Day at her house and we enjoyed our time together with my hubby's side of the family. Crystal was here with Winston and we loved having her home again for a few days. And we got to pamper our Granddog too :)

And viola....the New Year arrived! Wow, the past few weeks have flown by haven't they?

I have recovered from my surgery and feel more like myself, finally !!! We have put away the holiday decorations already and have been enjoying some relaxing time watching movies and I even got in some crafting time.

This weekend I want to concentrate on setting my goals for 2010. Also, I am anxious to update my blog design so stay tuned for a revamp !
Sorry this was such a long post but I had a lot to catch up on. Hope you enjoyed a few of the pics and catching up with me. Stay tuned for the blog update and some pics of recent craft projects that you might find inspiring.

Hugs and Happy New Year to you all.


Connie said...

Happy New Year Debbie,
Hope 2010 brings lots of good things for you and your family..including continued good health...

cstoler said...

Well first it is good to have you blogging again. I am so glad to hear you feeling better and back to your old self. Now we need to get together and do up our 2010 planners. 2010 is just going to ROCK. I feel it. Talk to you soon

Sydney said...

NEVER TOO LONG!!! It was great to hear what you did for Christmas Eve and Day and that you are back in planning mode. Looking forward to seeing those family pics... that was a great idea. So glad your dad could get into his house and celebrate Christmas too, and most of all, that YOU are back to your bad seff. Yay,


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