Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dallas Circle Luncheon and Meet Up

WOW !  Did we have the most fun ever at the Dallas Circle Luncheon and Meet UP on Friday, March 19th in Frisco, TX.  We had 97 people be able to make it to the luncheon. Lots of mingling, greeting, exchanging circle calling cards, swapping ribbons, eating delicious food, talking to Mike Wigton about Provo Craft and last but not least door prizes ! was  a packed 3 hours but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and the time just flew by. 

Since a Picture is worth a thousand words...
La Hacienda Ranch restaurant
Blue Porch Room where we met

Circle Lunch Hosts: (LtoR) Debbie, Rina Salazar, Robin Marshall Clark, Mike Wigton
Circlets mingling and exchanging calling cards

All of the cards were unbelievably cute!
Calling cards I collected. If you don't see yours here, contact me to exchange via mail !
So many luscious ribbons were exchanged too !

Mike Wigton of Provo Craft talking about upcoming Provo Craft things and answering our questions

Then the door prizes were given out ! 
 Lots of great items: circle scarves, cuttlebug folders, lots of  cartridges, Plush Cricuts in 2 sizes plus more.

Many Circlets also made goodies to hand out as well. Here are a few I fun !
Notice in the left corner is the Texas Circle Flair Pin Mike gave all of us. There will be one for each state.

Cassandra made these little gift bags with sweets in them for everyone at the luncheon. Too cute ~
And Kelly Bienvenu made this adorable canvas bag for me to collect calling cards in
 using our latest exclusive Cricut Everyday cartridge.  I love it !!!

I have lots more photos to post but I am exhausted after the weekend.  I will post more tomorrow.
And thank you to everyone who came to the lunch and made it so much fun and shared your talents with us.


Robin Marshall Clark said...

Very nice pics Debbie! It was so nice to meet you and work with you on the Luncheon. I agree - the lunch was a bunch of wild fun! Thanks for all you did!!!

Carlene said...

Looks like so much fun!!!

Riley's Custom Creations said...

In the picture of the ribbon swapping, that's me (BulldogMommy) in the purple and Scrappin
Neesie in the yellow.

Charlotte said...

Thanks for the additional Stampede pictures!



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