Sunday, October 24, 2010

Houston Cricut Circle Meet Up Was Awesome ! finally happened after all the planning and waiting with excitement.  The Houston Cricut Circle Meet Up was held this past Saturday, October 23rd at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church's Havens Center.
46 attendees enjoyed sharing our passion for the Cricut Circle and Provo Craft Products. 

So much happened that is a brief recap of the day:

Everyone arrived around 9 am...ready and willing to have a wonderful day !

Everyone received a croppers treat bag that I put together and a Circle Head name tag!

Then everyone mingled and shared their amazing Calling Cards...I will post close ups of the cards in another post.

Mid morning we kicked off the Meet Up portion with Michael Wigton of PC who manages the Cricut Circle. Michael did a great job sharing with us some of the future things planned for the Circle and listening to our ideas and suggestions for further improvement of the Circle and Provo Craft Products.
And Michael and Provo Craft generously donated a bunch of prizes for Circlets to win! Congrats to everyone who won! 

Then around noon we all had a delicious deli lunch...Yum !  And we all chatted more and got to know each other better.

And of course we had to have some sweets for dessert...many brought amazing cupcakes and other snacks to share.  But these cupcakes laid out in a Circle head were too hard to resist, don't you agree?

After lunch we then had a CROP....several of us set up our Expressions and other PC products to share. And then we got busy crafting.  We wrapped up around 8 pm when the die hards finally called it a day.

It was a typical crop ....
we mainly ate, chatted, laughed and did a little scrapping in between !

I did make a shirt to wear to the Meet is supposed to match my online avatar. It was the first time 
I had used heat set vinyl and it worked great with my Expression machine. I loved how it turned out!

Well, as you can see...we all had a marvelous time.  There are too many pictures to post here. I am working on setting up a Picasa album and will post more there next week to share.

Thanks to all who attended and for all your kind comments on my efforts to put this Meet Up together! I can hardly wait for us to get together again soon.


Anonymous said...

Will you be gathering liike this again soon?

Anonymous said...

Will you be gathering liike this again soon?


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