Thursday, February 7, 2008

Whew..I almost panicked!

I sat down today to work on my Valentines Cards and just for a second panicked and thought I didn't have enough supplies to make some really cute cards. Then I remembered I had bought a bunch of embellishments AFTER VDay last year and pulled them out. Then I pulled every "love and heart" themed out of my stash and put on my scrap table. Boy was I surprised when I turned around and the entire table was covered in red, pink and white !! It looked so pretty I had to take a picture. And didn't I already mentioned that I am slightly obsessed with all things Valentines Day is the proof!


Casii said...

Hey, you have got quite a nice stash of love supplies! Hope to see some cards & projects soon!

Kristy said...

Wow, do you have quite the stash!! Have fun with everything!!

Margie H said...

Hey, love your stash! I was thinking about doing a card buffet (just like Donna - LeahF's blog) for a gathering!

Come check my blog...I think you'll like it! LOL!!

BonnieRose said...

wow that's a lot of stuff... so fun though, good for u!


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